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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cult Cargo – Salsa Boricua De Chicago

"Third coast salsa from the late 70s – wonderful recordings from the orquestras of Carlos Ruiz and his Ebirac label – great stuff made by singers and players in Chicago's Puerto Rican community of the period, and they sound incredible all these years later! Chicago salsa, unlike more nationally popular styles, was rooted in the city's rich Puerto Rican community, with material adapted from traditionals and done with less pan-Caribbean derived sounds than the Cuban-rooted salseros of NYC and Miami. As fondly remembered as the players of the Chicago salsa scene are by the older Puerto Rican community who remember, records by Orquestas La Justicia, La Solucion, Juventad Tipica '78, Tipica Leal '79 and others are terribly hard to find. Not only has Numero managed to compile a terrific batch of songs, the sound is impeccable, too!"

Chicago's Numero Group prove once again why they one the premier reissue labels in the world with this volume. They continue to unearth entire chunks of forgotten musical history, shedding new light on long forgotten scenes and artists. Extensive liner notes and photos accompany the grooves giving the listener an incredible snapshot of the time as well as connecting them with the present with interviews from the artists.

Lifted from Dusty Groove
Viva! Numero Group

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Lots of bad news of late it seems. Sorry for the understatement. Certainly most folks are sending prayers and strength to the people of Japan. Understandably, it may have passed under many people's radars, but Melvin Sparks passed away from complications due to diabetes.

The 'Texas Twister' was one hell of a jazz guitar player and appeared on many of the seminal jazz funk/soul jazz albums from the 60s and 70s. He also recorded as a bandleader from the 70s through the aughties. He was seventy-one.