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Thursday, September 2, 2010


The good folks at Voodoo Funk and Academy Records are at it again. Frank (Voodoo Funk) has unearthed some crazy gems from Africa over the last couple years. (See the post in this blog about the Lagos Disco Inferno.) Their next release is no exception. The Psychedelic Aliens were a short-lived Afro Funk Garage band from Accra, Ghana. The group only released a handful of songs, but actually appeared on stage during the famous Soul to Soul concert which became a concert film starring Wilson Pickett, Ike and Tina Turner, the Staple Singers and more.

For more info on that concert; check out COMB AND RAZOR That's where we nicked the program pictures. Big ups! Amazing blog.

Frank had this to say about the Psychedelic Aliens records:

"This last trip back to Africa was amongst the best digging experiences of my life. Not only did I find some really amazing vinyl, I also managed to license a whole bunch of very exciting Nigerian and Ghanaian records for re-release, amongst other things 6 tracks by an obscure cult band from Accra called The Psychedelic Aliens. I’ve been obsessing over this group since I first came across their 7″ EP almost three years ago and now I also happened upon their second 45 that I think was previously completely unknown. Needless to say that it’s absolutely incredible: A perfect crossover of Garage Psych Rock and Afro Funk. Raw fuzz-wah-wah guitar, Vox organ, vocals with loads of reverb, huge drum break… it really is unreal!"

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