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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Chicago's very own JEREMY SOLE makes his hometown return on Friday, December 16.
(With resident - The Voodoo Killer DJ NewLife and very special guest DJ Jesse De La Peña)

Sole is a beast on the ones and twos. He is a fixture on the influential KCRW radio in Los Angeles and DJs and hosts long-running parties like Afro Funké and The Lift. He is also a prolific producer/re-mixer and bandleader (Musaics)

Here's what some heavyweights have to say about Mr. Sole's DJing prowess;

"If I was a DJ full time, I would most likely spin like Jeremy Sole. His mind and soul hears exactly what I hear. He makes Sunset Blvd feel groovy, and that's hard to do in my book." - Raphael Saadiq

"Jeremy Sole is a man of good taste & tasteful mixing. Los Angeles is lucky to have him ...he's a goldmine of music." - Quantic

"Jeremy Sole is not only a world class DJ, but a world class citizen of the world. One of the nicest ugly dudes I've ever worked with haha. AND, his beard is great for storing snacks and small tools on those long hot nights in the DJ booth. Jokes aside though, one of my favorite dudes in the game hands down, and a fucking phenomenal talent." - Rich Medina

"Jeremy is a great DJ, presenter, producer and knower-of-music ...an extremely cool dude. I cannot stop listening to his remix of 'I Put A Spell On You' ...it's irresistible." - Henry Rollins

"Jeremy can get your grandma out of her rocking chair & doing the wop, the smurf & the bus stop! Jeremy's in my top 2 for good Global dancefloor DJs out there." - Nickodemus

“One of the only successful AND good DJs in LA (those are usually mutually exclusive)." - Peanut Butter Wolf

"Jeremy Sole is one of the consummate tastemakers in the U.S. and a bad ass DJ to boot! I'm honored to have to played alongside him and I'm proud to call him a friend." - DJ Day

“Jeremy constantly shatters World Music boundaries and catapults his audience on a sublime international journey." - DJ Nu-Mark


Afro Funké
Jeremy Sole's Musaics
Jeremy Sole on FACEBOOK

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