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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Invite the familia!

Chicago Nu Latin DJ ITZI NALLAH and Afrobeat specialist AFROQBANO of the Peoples DJs Collective team up with ITCH13 of Gramaphone Records to bring one of Chicago’s hottest African underground dance parties to it’s rightful place - the Shrine in Chicago.

The Shrine, a bumpin' African-inspired club-lounge combo in the South Loop, may be known for it’s high-caliber Hip hop nights, but its Coup d’Etat room, where SONIC DIASPORA will be Friday, January 13, is the perfect venue where Fela Kuti will proudly look on as Chicagoans desegregate the dance floor with tunes from Mali & Ghana to Nigeria & the Cape of Good Hope.

We all know Chicago is home to House Music, but have we connected with its home in Africa? Chitown, have you heard or been looking for the best in Kuduro, Kwaito, Soukous, Afrobeat, AfroLatin House, Nu Dancehall & Global Bass?

According to the Zhaoist Manifesto by way of Berlin’s Zhao, “if one traces the history of 20th Century North American pop and dance music, a crude and very abbreviated but basically sound genealogy describes a line going back to Disco, to Soul, to Funk, to Motown, to Gospel, to Blues, to Jazz, to work songs of the slaves, and indeed, to Africa.”

This isn’t your normal world music party.

Sonic Diaspora DJs & hosts Tifflove & the Wolfpack promise to groove you to high-energy classic & urban music of Africa and the Diaspora and indeed to invoke the magic of the original drum and the boom of a bangin’ sound system for your booty-shaking enlightenment.

This party will also be the Chicago release for our guy Brotha Onaci's OkayAfrica.com Sonic Diaspora Mixtape- have a listen! He'll be guesting with us in upcoming months.


Save the night. Every 2nd Friday.

//SONIC Diaspora @ Coup d'Etat (next to The Shrine)
2109 S. Wabash, Chicago IL
No Cover, 21+, Space is Accessible
Red Line at Cermak/Chinatown
$6 Drink Specials
Mention SONIC DIASPORA at the door

Roots of Life Designs


www.Haveplentymusic.com (NAMIBIA)
www.ThisIsAfrica.me (EUROPE, AFRICA)
www.Gozamos.com (CHICAGO)
www.facebook.com/PeoplesDJs (CHICAGO)

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