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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The cats from Vampisoul constantly get our attention with some of the best re-issues that they unearth from around the globe. Previously, they have released rare African gems from Segun Bucknor, Fred Fisher Atalobhor, Victor Olaiya, Fela-Ransome Kuti, Orlando Julius and Tony Allen plus the 'Afrobeat Nirvana' and 'Highlife Time' compilations. With other releases that range from Afrosounds from Columbia, Peruvian Cumbia beats and Boogaloo, Spanish funk and soul, and a slew of Latin and Soul re-issues; Vampisoul rank highly in our view.

This time they've unearthed extremely rare recordings by legendary Spanish producer Antoliano Toldos from the Calandria label under their Enlace Funk moniker. Reminiscent of labels like CTI, Prestige and Verve; these Spanish jazz recordings capture the hard-driving, soulful and funky flavors that packed the dance floors in Madrid in the late sixties. Headed by Toldos and made up with session musicians who gigged around Madrid, these recordings were improvised usually with only one take; resulting in great Jazz dance that will still fill the floor.

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